4 usual hair braids mistakes women commit while trying it out

3 years ago

Hair braids are not a new thing, it`s been in practice among the women of all civilizations in the past and present as well. There are number of hair braiding styles , which are seen in routine in the women circle since ages . In the present day too, hair braiding has great consequence among today`s modern women. So when it comes of wearing these special braid styles, women are seen committing a couple of mistakes while wearing them. The behind in the helpful list of four popular mistakes evident in hair braiding styles. Let me have a appearance at these :

1). Not braiding tight enough: This is among the biggest mistake women commit while putting different braiding styles like spring twist, Kadi or kinky locks. The tight braiding happens to be an important thing for a wide range of reasons just to keep away from the kind of frizz seen inside your hair. The braid length should be tight enough at the same time its root should be free from the tension. The tight braids must be tough, stiff and of course with a skinny size.

2). Too large size braids: The braids, which are small are easy to get any style and are considered as loose hair. The smaller is their size carried out with the help of any braid oil, the improved would be the hair in terms of versatility.The fact is this element is seen increasing with the smaller hair size . Hence you do not need to use eon hair to get any style.

3). Too small size braids: Another mistake people commit is wearing braids when they have too less or short quantity of hair. So depending upon your hair density, you need to try any style like fluffy twist or Nubi nubi. If you check the size of any braid they are usually in small size so if you think of wearing them over small amount of hair on your head, this will certainly not going to work out at any point of time . Looking over the braids, they seem to remain very minimal so by wearing the same over the smaller hairs will be a bad idea to try. So, believe the suitable size for your hair rather than wearing something odd.

4). No care or maintenance of braids: This is also considered as a popular mistake which women are seen committing by not doing the maintenance part of the braids . The very next moment you recognize the idea of how to braid hair then at the very same moment you should head to find some resolution for your hair care. You are supposed to treat your braids like bomb twist or kinky twist in the same manner in which you care the loose hair. Treat the braids with Nubian silk as gently as probable so that not only your hair but its beauty remains intact. So henceforth whenever you have the braids in the future, make sure you let alone these mistakes.

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