4 Simple Ways To Gain Happy Weights Like Paula Abdul

5 years ago

Here are two pictures you can compare them to one another. Paula Abdul has always been in the public eye. We all know she`s a singer since we were little.

As the years past by Paula Abdul suffer with weight gaining. During the year of 1990 at VMA Paula Abdul showed up with a really type body suit during her dance routine after she gained 20 pounds. .

In my opinion I think Paul Abdul looks healthier with some weight on her. Compare the first picture to the second one. The first one her breast area looks out of proportion for some reason. Also in the second picture she looks healthy and happy!

If you want gain happy weights here are four simple ways you can achieve them.

1. Overcome Eating Issues: Don`t starve yourself because food scares you. You can eat all you want, but make sure you don`t over do yourself! Food portion is always a great way to control your eating habits. 

2. Gaining or Losing weight: Try to figure out what`s making you gain or lose weight. Instead of eating carb all the time try to eat low-carb instead. 

3. Workout: Try to find what kind of workouts that will keep you energized & entertain. Try to do some running or take Zumba classes. Find something you enjoy doing instead dreading your life away! 

4. Dont Over Do It: Try to enjoy life and  yourself! Take break in between and relax away! The one thing you should understand is that you want to stay healthy, happy for yourself and not anyone else. 

1. What do you think about her weights?
2. What`s your favorite song from her?

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