4 reasons why your diet isn`t working

you`ve tried everything, from the latest diets to self-help books and slimming clubs, but the dial on your weighing scale refuses to budge.
1. you set yourself an impossible target
telling yourself that you`re gonna lose 7kilos(14lbs) in a month is just setting yourself out for failure guaranteed. That` because the only way your going to archive that goal is if you starve yourself! Crash dieting can cause your metabolic rate to plunge by 10% within 48 hours, because your body body starts freaking out and goes into starvation mode, which makes it hold on to calorie rather than burning them. This might also tempt you to binge and comfort eat because of feeling as though you`ve failed
What to Do? : you should aim to lose no more than a six kilos(12lbs) in six weeks. Every time you reach a goal set another one. that way you`ll archive sensible, sustainable weight loss.

2. You watch what you eat down to the last calorie
Calorie counters tend to eat more carbs because carbs have fewer calories than proteins such as meat, fish and cheese. Calorie counters alo ten to eat more processed or package foods , because these are the ones that have the calorie count on the label!
What to do? : Stop counting calories ans start focusing on the kind of food you`re eating so cut back on fatty, sugary, processed food and eat lean meats, fish and vegetables. Opt for food that has less than 5% fat per 100g. Eat regularly if you a skip a meal your body will think its starving and you`ll end up eating too much at one sitting.

3. You`re not getting enough sleep
research ha shown that sleep deprivation increases the appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin, and decrease the appetite suppressing hormone leptin. So if you don`t get enough shut eye, you`ll want to the wrong kinds of food to try to refuel your body
what to do? : once you`ve ruled out any underlying causes of sleep disturbance, for example depression, you need to get into a routine that sets the scene for sleep. Make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature and it`s dark and quiet. Before going to bed, wind down with a warm relaxing bath read and listen to soothing music (but don`t watch TV).
Don`t have caffeine or heavy rich meals in the evening and avoid processed food, your tiredness will quickly disappear.

4. You have to much on your mind
we have a row with our partner, we crave chocolate. We have problems at work or money worries, we want cake crisps. Stress makes your body crave carbs and fat.
What to do? : work out stres triggers and try to avoid them, or at least learn how to deal with them write down hoe you`re feeling, get a masage or curl up with a good book whatever works for you. learn to recognise stress cravings for what they are and satisfy them with a pieve of fruit, instead of chocolate.

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