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4 years ago

Hey everybody!! I love having these random ideas to post on here. SO this one is about 4 products to have a complete look!!! 4 Products!!! Now, I know you are either really excited because your morning makeup routine will be split by more than half, or your scared because your wandering if it`s even possible!!!
Its Possible!!! Now, off you sleepy souls, into the list we shall go!!

1. Tinted Lip Balm~ I use the Tokidoki brand lip balm, I have to color on the picture, "Pink Martini", they are sold at Sephora. Now your probably wandering, "why would i buy a lip balm as one of my 4 products?" Well, this Lip Balm has 2 purposes. One of them is Lips & the other is Blush. You just dot this on to your cheeks & rub. It looks fabulous!! I use it everyday!

2.Bronzer~ I use the Victoria`s Secret Bronzer in the color "Beach Bunny"... This has a nice amount of shimmer to brighten up your face..you could apply it on your cheeks, your eyes, & all over to bronze yourself up!!

3.Mascara~ I use the Estee Lauder Projectionist in the color "01 Black". This has a really nice tapered brush that gets into all the little lashes & volumizes the rest!! I got it at Macy`s. Now, Mascara doesn`t really have but one purpose, but if you keep a mini brush with you, you can dip it into the mascara & use it as Liquid Eyeliner!!

4.Concealer~ I use either NYX concealer or NYC, which ever i feel like using for that day, hehe...I realize some people may prefer Foundation for all over coverage, but sometimes it`s nice to let your face breathe & just cover the blemishes (a.k.a stuff you`d like to hide, hehe)... Also, you can combine this with the Bronzer to make a cream eyeshadow!

** NOTICE: I gave the products I use just to let you know, But if you prefer a diff. brand, go ahead and use em`!!!! **

Hope You enjoyed this post!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!!

Love Ya,
Amber Lantz :)
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