4 Months Later amp My LUUUX Order Is Still Not Processing...

4 years ago

As you can see in the picture I already placed my order on luuux on <strong>3rd July</strong> and nothing has ever happened since then. My order hasn`t been processing nor did I receive any information from luuux.
I tried to contact various moderators but they couldn`t quite tell me what was going on with my order. Also I contacted shop@luuux.com and support@luuux.com <strong>many</strong> times about what was going on with my order but I <strong>never</strong> received an answer. When I try to contact support or shop now I always just get send to this helpdesk forum. Like you can see in the second picture it says <em>"This request has been deemed solved"</em> but I never received a reply via mail nor do I see an answer on the forum? How`s that for support was assigned to your request?! There`s no support at all on luuux. So, <strong>what else can I do now?</strong>

Honestly I`m starting to think that luuux can`t afford to give rewards to the users anymore. Or why else would they not be processing existing orders (I know there are others who don`t get their orders either) and close down the shop? I know that many of you have received prizes before but of course when I finally made my order it wouldn`t work anymore. I`m just so frustrated and I feel cheated. I`ve been saving my luuux$ for more than a year for this ipad3 order and as of right now I don`t have anymore hope that I will ever receive it. Probably luuux was just too good to be true..

<em>*pictures are screen caps from luuux*</em>

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