$4 Million to get Weight Back to Normal -- Jessica Simpson

Would a $4 million dollar contract make you motivated to get your body in shape after having a child? Of course right?! Back in November of 2011, Jessica Simpson was negotiating a deal with Weight Watchers that she will get her pre-baby body back. Negotiating a deal of freaking $4 million dollars... everything celebrities do nowadays if for money. With using <em>Weight Watchers</em>, it`s a future plan for her because she can eat healthy but at the same time she can also eat desserts/sweets that she enjoys as well.

For her wedding, she doesn`t want to walk down the aisle in her "size" right now and is delaying the wedding. I think you`re beautiful at any "size" but she wants to have a body like Jessica Alba.

<strong>Do you think Jessica will be able to accomplish the goal of getting back to her pre-baby body back? Would you be motivated to work out for $4 million? </strong> You would think celebrities would not need to take on more deals like "losing weight" but that`s how they make bank! I wish I got an incentive to be motivated to lose weight, no wonder celebrities are eager to loose weight as soon as possible!

Source link: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-body/news/jessica-simpson-im-so-excited-about-4-million-weight-watchers-deal-2012305

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