4 major mistakes in dieting

5 years ago

1 Big sugar intakes, for example drinking lemonade, sodas instead of pure water, then snacking candies, chocolate bars, muffins, ice cream and whatsoever.

2 Unbalanced diet, for example products which are based on the pyramid of unhealthy food: pizzas, burgers, semi-done frozen food etc. etc. infinite list. Normally such kind of food contains: synthesized hard to digest ingredients: cheese, too many food additives fatty meats and way too little complex carbohydrates, vegetables, which provides fiber, minerals, vitamins and way more energy then things stated before.

3Little daily water intakes. For fully active person bottle of water should come in a bag-pack, like for modern human a mobile phone in a pocket essential.

4Starvation. The biggest mistake ever done by those who wants to have fit body. You should not plan to see results after week or two of training, check it after two or three months to see the real changes, in other words mindset should be based on long term work out and not only seasonal, because eventually youll get back to the same blob. Thats why it is essential to balance the diet and not just quit.
And if that doesnt change your mind: You see, skinny body from fitness is always way more hotter than skinny from starvation (see picture above)

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