3M Nexcare Acne Dressing Haul

4 years ago

I have recently come to discover a really cool product. It`s the <strong>3M Nexcare Acne Dressing</strong>. If you have not heard of these, they are little "acne patches" that you place on the spots where you have pimples, and overnight, they will literally SUCK out all the puss and gunk under that pimple. These patches come in all sizes and shapes, but they are usually round and are a yellowish-transparent shade. After they have sucked out the puss in that pimple, the sticker dressing will turn white!

I`ve heard that these acne dressings work better on whiteheads, not the cystic acne. Also, they supposedly work better if the pimple has already been popped or poked, so there is some type of "opening" for the patch to absorb.

I`m not sure if you guys remember, but YEARS ago, Neutrogena had a product that was somewhat similar to this, although I have never tried it.

In the picture, the first two boxes on top are those that I purchased from a seller on Ebay. They came in a pack of two and was around $11-12. These came in a pack of 46 patches of assorted sizes.

The box on the bottom was gifted to me from my friend`s boyfriend, who recently went on a three-day trip to Taiwain. I wished he got a few more boxes because I`m sure they are SO much cheaper over there! The box that he got me has 22 acne patches, but it also includes a mini plastic tweezers, which the boxes that I purchased from Ebay did not include.

I`ll do a review on these once I try them out some more and let you know how it goes =]

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