3ds xl

3ds xl is a new gaming system that is in 3d!! the 3ds xl is in stores for $199.99 but its worth paying for this hand held system that has very long battery life and it comes with its own wall charger. it also comes with a stylist for the bottom screen.the 3ds xl is a very enjoyable system that has many apps to play on.these apps are a camera with 3d and 2d photo taking,a sound recorder with sound effects and you can add your own music as well,Ar games which is a camera that watches a card come to life in the real world,face raiders which is a game where you take a picture of a persons face and try to shoot their face before they destroy the real world,a mii maker,a mii plaza,and a 3d web browser.if you ever get bored of your apps you can go to your nintendo e shop and buy your own new apps.you should buy this wonder full product for these very reasons.

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