$3.99 Glass Beverage Dispenser at Marshalls

Since it has been hot lately, my boyfriend and I have been enjoying making fruit infused water. We have been on the market for an affordable, good sized glass beverage dispenser but we didn`t come across any while at shopping at Target. The ones at Target were either too big of a dispenser making cleaning a hassle or made out of plastic. Even the plastic beverage dispensers that were on sale were already like $8 bucks!

Last night, I went out and browsed through local shops around my area for fun - I decided to visit Marshalls. I haven`t visited Marshalls in months and everything is very improved! Tons of name brands such as Free People, Coach, Michael Kors, Juicy, Sam E., and etc. I wasn`t shopping for anything in particular just window shopping until I found this Glass Beverage Dispenser! Without even looking at the price, I hugged it and said it`s mine! Haha, and when I flipped the dispenser upside down - the price read $3.99. I double took the price to make sure it read $3.99. I grabbed a cart and quickly browsed Marshalls. They had other ones (much larger) for pretty good deals ~ ranging from $7.99 to $19.99! I have to visit Marshalls again soon because last night, I was in there when the store was approaching to close!

I immediately took a photo and showed my boyfriend! I told him to guess how much? And he said $15! I was like nope, only $4+ tax! This dispenser is perfect and the dispenser is very nifty! This would be great to use for parties too! While browsing through their kitchen/household items, they had super cheap mason jar cups too!

Want a similar one?
- http://www.walmart.com/ip/33965501

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