35 and Ticking

My boyfriend reactivated Netflix so lately we have been watching movies. We both have different interests so when it comes to "both" of us watching movies, he`s pretty skeptical on what I decide to watch but we both ended up thinking this was an "okay" movie. The movie we watched is called <strong>35 and Ticking</strong>. From the title, it`s obviously about age/your biological clock is ticking/family. And that`s what the movie was about, the struggles of four close friends trying to figure out their life as they are reaching 35! In the movie you find out that each of the friends` hardships and throughout the movie, you see how they overcome it. The hardships involved are: spouse doesn`t want kids which leads to divorce, a friend doesn`t have a real steady job, fail to find Mr. Right and so forth. The ending was extremely sweet, I wish they had a part 2. I would recommend this movie if you`re bored. =)

<strong>Have you seen this movie? Is this a movie you`d watch?</strong>

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