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5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Today I did a little shopping. I wasn`t planning to get any of these things, but I needed/will need some of it eventually. I first went to Bookmans. Bookmans is a bookstore/cafe. They recycle/buy/sell/trade books, music, and trinkets. Across the street from Bookmans is a place called http://Fashion.com. They were having a big sale, so I couldn`t resist. I got...

DRESS: originally $27.00 Sale $14.00
I got the dress from http://fashion.com. It was 50% off. It is super cute, I love it :) It has a black lace top. It has a sort of sweetheart top, strait torso, and a flared skirt (all red). Under the red skirt is a strait black skirt. I love how it looks layered, but its all one piece. I plan to wear this to my schools drama awards. We call it "a night at the Oscars" in May.

SHIRT: $12.50 W/ 15% Discount $10.50
I got this shirt from Bookmans with trade money. They have many different ones. All of them say fight censorship on the back along with the Bookmans logo. They all have controversial books (ex. mine is lolita & Harry Potter). They are trying to stop the banning books. Mine is dark pink, with the lolita face, and the writing "reading is not a crime".

(from http://fashion.com) I have a dress with very clingy material and an open back. I certainly can not wear a bra with this if the straps and everything will be showing so these are a great solution. They are petal shaped silicone that goes over the nipple. They have an adhesive side so they stay on and are reusable.

I got black spandex free with my http://fashion.com purchase.

*pictures mine*

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