3.1 phillip Lim pre-fall 2012

5 years ago

I really honestly don`t really know a lot about this designer but its always the first name on the http://style.com list. This is a few of my favorite pieces. I do know that one of the pieces is a comic strip inspired print which is used throughout the collection.

<strong>First picture</strong>: This is a really simple look but I love the black top design which has two big pleats on the bottom which gives that subtle interesting touch. The red skirt is just...well a red skirt which hugs that legs nicely and the whole outfit is paired with a red simple red bag with two zippers. To top it off is black ankle cuffed, 3 in heels that has a simple thick red strap in the front. This shoes is really trending on the red carpet and I really love it since its really simple but it shows the legs and feet more. I like a more skinny strap though.

http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2012PF-PLIM event=show2362&designer=design_house983&trend=&iphoto=0#slide=3

<strong> Second picture </strong>: This look has a V neck that looks something like an Indian touch with a black and white floral print. Something interesting when i looked through the collection is that the designer used chiffon tops or pants to layer over actually pants. This one is quite interesting but i don`t think this will be trending anytime soon.


<strong>Third picture </strong>:I love this top. Its super simple but this is something I would wear and can imagine anyone can pull it off for an office look. I really love the gray skirt too because it has a small side detailing. This is really approriate for winter and fall since you can wear this with a heavy coat and it still would look good.


<strong>Fourth Picture</strong>: I`m not really loving the whoel outfit, but what I really like is the bag which has that same comic strip print on a one zipper big hand clutch which has that same concept of an envelope bag without the flap. I love the red botties too!


<strong>Fifth picture </strong>: This look has a semi-thick sweater with the comic strip print which says Ka-Bang? I`m actually not sure if that is just a sweater vest over a blouse but I love the colar detailing. Paired with this sweater is a leather skirt. This is really interesting since I would never buy a leather skirt because I never know what to pair it with but it does pull the whole look together.


<strong> Sixth picture </strong>: I really love this jacket. I might be oversized and if i was to wear this, the jacket would be touching the ground with a train! I`m only 5`3 so I would have to cut some off LOL. Anyways I love how it gives you that mysterious Sherlock Holmes but not so masculine. It has a really simple detailing but I love the laid back cuff detailing with the blouse eating the jacket. The collar hugs your neck perfectly and I would love to own this jacket!


<strong> Seventh picture </strong>: This isn`t a really special outfit but its a really romatic outfit that i could wear everyday. I love that it has a simple belt but I wouldn`t pair it with those shoes.


*All pictures aren`t mine; links attached to each picture*

Source link: http://www.style.com

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