30 million NFC phones were sold in 2011

5 years ago

The Near Field Communication is a technology that is still in its infancy and has been slow to assert itself. But the number of mobile phones equipped with NFC already represents a significant share in the mobile market.
According to figures from analyst firm Canalys, in 2011 were sold around 487 million phones worldwide, so that 30 million devices with NFC represents a market share of six percent. The numbers are low although they are still significant: in 2010 only 3 million mobile phones sold had support NFC, that number has multiplied tenfold in the space of one year only.
The numbers refer more attention in view of the fact that only limited application and physical endpoints make use of this technology. This means that the Near Field Communication is a bet of more manufacturers than actually a requirement and needs of consumers. During the year 2011 and according to Berg Insight`s report, came to market 40 new mobile phones equipped with NFC market. Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note, Nokia and Sony Xperia S n9 are some of the phones for sale on the Portuguese market that already have support for this technology.
"While we still take some time for investors to agree on the payment network models, reading labels and the pairing of devices can be sufficiently tempting to bet that the manufacturers in the NFC on mobile midrange / high" says Andrew Malm, principal analyst at Berg Insight. The transfer of files between Galaxy Nexus by Beam, Google Wallet and now Wallet TMN in Portugal, are some rare examples of the use that technology is having.
The predictions of Berg Insight`s report points to the lower price of NFC on mobile devices, which in turn will lead to an increase in the number of mobile phones sold and fitted with radio frequency technology. In 2016 will be sold nearly 700 million smartphones with Near Field Communication second the same report. Another report from analyst firm Juniper Research predicts that by 2015 the NFC is responsible for shipments valued at 56 billion euros.
The Near Field Communication is for many the future of electronic payments, which would dispense with the use of credit cards and cash. A mobile phone is enough to pay all expenses of the normal day-to-day. As the name implies, the radius of NFC is only four inches, which ultimately pass some security for the payment and file transfer.

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