30 Day (Post) Challenge: Post #6

Anything Hello Kitty.

Well here it is a simple black Hello Kitty wallet. There is also another Hello Kitty wallet except pink and and pink backpack.

When I was little, I was in love with Hello Kitty and every Christmas, Birthday, etc. I would get Hello Kitty. Today, I still have some Sanrio things that I`ve kept because I don`t have the heart to give away something that I have barely touched. Anyway, Hello Kitty is no longer my thing but I searched on the Sanrio website and found some things.
1) Hello Kitty Real Leather Long Wallet: Brown Quilt
Okay, I always thought that Hello Kitty items were cute and cheap. I guess alot has changed because at $120 DOLLARS! Sanrio is really stepping up. It`s genuine leather but lets be honest, I would never purchase a Hello Kitty wallet when I could buy something a bit more classier, but hey, that`s just my opinion.
2) Hello Kitty Mini Backpack: Warm Pink Quilt
This backpack is a little more reasonable at $60, but still I would never really buy a packpack with Hello Kitty on it. But I guess that some people just really like Hello Kitty.
3)Hello Kitty Long Wallet: Warm Pink Quilt
The matching wallet to the backpack looks exactly the same to me, so If I had to buy one it would be this one. It cost $32 (which is still high in my opinion) but with PVC leather instead of genuine leather.

It`s completely fine if you really like Hello Kitty and all the other characters and love to buy from the Sanrio store, but I am now 17 and would never spend $30 on a Hello Kitty wallet when I could buy something more mature.

P.S. Does anyone notice that a lot of their quilted leather reminds them a lot of Chanel.

Source link: http://www.sanrio.com/characters_hello_kitty/hello_kitty_real_leather_long_wallet_brown_quilt

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