30 Day Challenge - Day 1 amp Description

4 years ago

Hey guys! I love doing the 30 day photo challenges on instagram and facebook so not try one on luuux? Heres a beauty related one and Ill try to be as dedicated as possible but I will miss a few days that Ill have to do after or in advance because I will be on vacation. The days will all be below so you can all try it out as well!

Day 01 Your favorite eyeliner Day 02 Your favorite bag that you own Day 03 Your favorite brush Day 04 Your favorite foundation Day 05 Your favorite thing to do Day 06 Your favorite piece of jewelry Day 07 Your Favorite animal Day 08 A photo that makes you laugh Day 09 Your favorite pair of shoes Day 10 Current fashion/style you like Day 11 Bag you want to have Day 12 Your Favorite color Day 13 Photo of your fashion/style icon Day 14 Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you`d like to have Day 15 Photo of your favorite bracelet Day 16 Music you like Day 17 Fashion Pieces that`s on your to-buy list Day 18 Your favorite beauty guru Day 19 Your favorite look from a beauty guru Day 20 Your favorite mascara Day 21 Your favorite lip stick Day 22 What makes you happy Day 23 Place where you want to live Day 24 Your favorite food Day 25 What do you want to get from luux Day 26 A makeup item you wish to own Day 27 Your favorite skincare product Day 28 Your favorite drink Day 29 Something inspiring Day 30 Your favorite nail polish


My favorite eyeliner is the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Trio Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Set for blue eyes. Its a set of 3 eye liners; brown, black and navy blue all made to compliment blue eyes. Obviously they can be used on oher eyes too but there are sets made for brown, green and hazel as well I believe. I use the brown and it gives my eyes definition without being too harsh such as a black would be. Theyre pigmented and last a long time. Theyre also a drugstore brand and are about $10 or $11 for the 3 pack. :)

whats your favorite eyeliner?
photo source below, its not mine!

Source link: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=340306&catid=183537&cmbProdBrandFilter=78772&aid=338666&aparam=340306

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