3 Ways To Achieve Naturally Luscious Lashes under $10

3 years ago

There is nothing more frustrating then growing out your hair, but what can be even more frustrating is growing out your eyelashes, especially when they typically grow every 7-8 weeks. So I don`t blame you trying to find different ways to speed up the process, that way you can say bye bye to fake lashes. However spending hundreds on clinical eyelash growth, just is not a pretty penny or always tried and true, that is why its great to know that after reading this all you have to do is go straight to your kitchen because you`ll most likely have all of these things in the convenience of your home.

1.Vaseline- I like to call this the lash trio, not only does vaseline]help your eyelashes grow but it also conditions them and helps remove your mascara, a three-in one use! The consistency is pretty thick so it helps if you dip a Q-tip and spread it over your lashes, you want no more then a dime size for both top and bottom lashes. Be sure to put most of the product on the roots of your lashes, because that is where your eyelashes should receive the most nutrients.
2. Vitamins- Because it is difficult getting your daily nutrients in this day and age with all the junk food we are tempted with, taking daily vitamins are crucial for not just eyelash growth but to help your body function! Vitamin C and E or hair growth vitamins especially work well with hair growth, vitamin E and C help protect hair follicles to grow strong. These vitamins are usually found in fruits with citrus so feel free to start throwing in a orange or grapefruit into your next meal

3. Castor Oil- Last but not least we have the magic maker of all magic makers, this is truly the stuff! It is one of the most successful ways i`ve found when trying to grow out my lashes. Castor Oil has been used for thousands of years, there are many different types of Castor Oil so make sure your`s is cold pressed or cold process which indicates its pure and appropriate for eyelash use. Castor Oil is a thick oil so using an clean mascara brush solely for applying Castor Oil is perfect.

All of these things can be found at your local drugstore for under ten dollars, don`t spend your money on over priced products when you can get the same or better results for way cheaper. So work your way to the top the Natural way with a quick trip to the pantry!

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