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5 years ago

I don`t like sour cream, but I love sour cream when it`s mixed with other ingredients. I think that by itself it just tastes really disgusting. I`ve been to parties where people dip vegetables or chips in sour cream, and I just don`t really like that. So here are three ways I make use of sour cream to make it more tasty, in my opinion (;

<strong>ONE: Chip Dip/Vegetable Dip</strong>

I wouldn`t dip chips or vegetables straight into sour cream, but I love using sour cream to make a chip dip! It`s very simple, get fresh rosemary, chopped green onions, a pinch of salt, a pinch of paper, a pinch of garlic powder, and toss these ingredients together in a bowl. You`ll want to make sure the rosemary and chopped onions are chopped really fine. Then just put about two large spoonfuls of sour cream or however much you would prefer, and mix everything together.

<strong>TWO: Homemade Burrito Bowl</strong>

We all love Chipotle, but $6.10...come on! When I make my burrito bowls at home, I`ll use chopped tomatoes, onions, black pepper, chicken, rice, canned corn, and avocado slices. I never ask for sour cream at Chipotle because they almost always put too much, even if I specially asked for a smaller portion. I think when sour cream is mixed into something like a burrito bowl, it has a much nicer flavor and mixes all the ingredients together well.

<strong>THREE: Deviled Eggs</strong>

There are a lot of ways people make Deviled Eggs. I use sour cream, cilantro, black pepper, and ketchup. I will mix all these ingredients together in a bowl, then I`ll add the egg yolk part, mask it up, scoop the mixture into a plastic bag, cut a small hole at the tip, and squeeze these into the egg white part for my deviled eggs.

These are three delicious ways I make sour cream taste a little better for me! I purchased this tub from Whole Foods for $4, it`s an organic brand and is Lactose free!

<strong>Do you like sour cream? What uses do you have for it?


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