3 Important Tips for a Leaner Body

4 years ago

Many people don`t realize that once the summer ends, they need to make sure they still continue working out and staying healthy and not waiting until May next year to start working on that bikini body ;)

I decided to draw down 3 tips or as you say, "laws", for a lean body that will help you keep yourself in shape or get you to the point where you want to be.

<strong> - Change things up</strong>. This might sound easy but your body tends to memorize the moves. Change up your routine, make those muscles work!

<strong> - Go against the flow</strong>. Adding some dumbbells, resistance bands, or anything similar that will put more force to your workout is a great way to make that core get stronger.

<strong> - Leverage yourself</strong>. Your muscles, bones, and joints have a system of levers so when working together, they are available to do light or heavy lifts. Try to change up the distance between your equipment and other workouts that you do.

Overall, all you have to remember is getting the core stronger which is the main fact here. With the core comes leaner body, better posture, and more confidence. All in all, no more donuts and more working out ladies and gentlemen ;)

<strong>What is your routine consists of? Do you do a lot of strength training?</strong>

Stay strong, Alex.

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