3 DIY projects for your tops! :)

I really love DIY clothes and I`m always looking for fashion DIY`s and looking in my wardrobe for things that I don`t use so I can make amazing things!! :D so if you`re like me ... this tip is for you!! :D

O1. Studded Tank

You`ll need:
- An old shirt
- Fabric scissors
- Studs
- Pencil

What to do:

Take your old shirt and start cutting the collar.... you can cut the neckline as deep as you like.

Then make a mark on each side of 2 inches.... these will be the straps.

Make a little mark 3 inches just below each sleeve.

Conect the mark you did for the strap with the mark you just did below the sleeves... and cut.

Stretch a little bit your tank top.

Finally take the studs and start putting them around the sleeve holes!! :)

O2. Back Zipper

You`ll need:
- Your top
- A zipper on the lenght of your top]
- Sewing machine
- Fabric scissors

What to do:

Start cutting a straight line just in the middle of the back part of your shirt.

Then using the sewing machine... you have to hem each side.. to protect your top and give it a better look.

Finally open the zipper and put it under your top... and start sew really carefully each side.

O3. Tie Tank Top

You`ll need:
- Tank top
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Fabric scissors

What to do:

Start marking with your ruler and pencil a straight line on the back of your shirt .... This will be a crop tank top so make the line where you want the tank top ends.

Take your scissors and cut along the line... but make sure you`re just cutting the BACK of your top.

Go to the front of your top and make a mark on each side... (using the back part as your guide.

Using your ruler make a mark on the bottom of your top just in the middle.

Now cut from each side mark to the center bottom mark and you`ll have little a triangle.

Cut a straight line on the center of the tringle.

And finally tie it!!!

& That`s it!! (:

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