3 Brutal Truths of Cell Phone Insurance

3 years ago

If you are wondering whether you must get an insurance cover for your phone or not, you need to understand that this decision isnt easy. There are some who will tell you to go for it and there are others who will say its not worth your money or attention. The truth lies somewhere in between and its a brutal one. But knowing some of the truths about cell phone insurance will help you make a decision whether to go for it or not.

Lets take a look at three of these truths:
Truth 1: Not all Phone insurance companies are good

There are plenty of bad apples amongst companies offering insurance cover for your phone. So, that is also the reason why this type of insurance has earned a bad name. Just choosing the first company that comes along that offers you cell phone insurance is not a good idea, in fact its a very bad idea. Make sure that you only buy insurance from reputed companies in the field. Ask around for references, do some market research and only then pick a company.

Truth 2: The deductible component takes away all the joy from phone insurance

If you have expensive phone, the amount of deductible component might not seem like a big deal and overall you might find the prospect of insuring your phone to your advantage. But if you have a mid-range phone or one that is pretty cost effective, then the deductible component can get you down. Remember that the deductible component usually comes into play when you are looking to replace your phone, and at times you will find that you are paying more to replace your phone than you have spent buying a new phone. This is something plenty of people have faced, so you must be very careful about the kind of cover you take and the deductible amount that you find acceptable.

Truth 3: Trust no one but yourself

Lets face it; the insurance companies are in the business for making money. They will promise you a lot of things, but its another thing, whether they will deliver on their promises or not. So, its important to get an understanding of the market and read up on the various information related to http://www.ensquared.com. Make sure you know everything there is to know in order to make the right decision. Trust your own judgment and dont put too much trust on what the marketing guys say. I am not saying they will make false promises, but its just that they have a habit of portraying an ordinary policy feature as something that is extraordinary.

End Words

The insurance cover that you choose for your phone must be your choice and mustnt be somebody elses. This is only possible if you know the reality behind the kind of insurance available on the market. This will allow you to take the right decision and zero in on the right insurance. There are plenty of other truths that you must be aware about before you take a decision to choose a particular insurance policy for your phone.

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