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Remember to click the pictures for the best clarity & quality (: Hey Luuux! This is the second part to my review on the Sephora Favorites In The Glow Set! As the title suggests, this time I`ll be reviewing the bronzers that came in it :) To see my review on the highlights/luminizers included in the set, /viz/4-luminizerhighlight-reviews-sephora-favorites-glow-set! To see pictures of the full set, /viz/yet-another-sephora-vib-sale-haul-sephora-glow-set-ren-six-best-set-josie-maran-founda to see the post I hauled it in ^^ Otherwise, keep reading for the full review on all three of the bronzers this set came with! :D ___________________________________________________________
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder: -
Size/Amount of Product: 0.08 oz, which is a fair amount of product. -
Color & Pigmentation: This is a milk chocolate-brown color with a bit of a taupe undertone. It has light-reflecting silver shimmers, but is very subtle. It doesn`t have the greatest pigmentation when swatched with a finger, but it does pick up nicely with a brush. -
Texture & Finish: This product isn`t very smooth to the touch; it almost feels a little bit rough, but it does blend nicely on the skin. I mentioned there were subtle light-reflecting shimmers in it, but on the face it appears completely matte. When used for contouring, it results in natural looking shadows and a nicely sculpted face :) -
Packaging: Sturdy plastic base, but the lid and hinge that holds the lid and base together feel pretty fragile. It has a simple, press down closure method (no magnetic or snap-closure features), however when trying to open it, the lid does feel a bit weighty. When held upside-down, the lid does not open even if you shake it, so no need to worry! Like everything else in the set, it`s very compact and cute. Large enough for a brush to get in and great for travel! -
Special Mentions: Because it is infused with real cocoa powder, it smells like chocolate; hot chocolate mix to be a little more specific :) It`s also stated that it includes bronzing pigments that help to neutralize red and evens out all skin tones. I actually do find this to be true! I have redness on my cheeks, and when I place this under my cheekbones for contouring, it does not bring attention to my redness at all. I think it would be great for all undertones (pink, yellow, or neutral), but because of its shade, it would only practically work for people who have light to medium skin in color. May be too dark for fair people, and too light for darker skin. -
Retail Price: $29 for, I believe 0.35 oz of product. -
My Rating: ! I really like this bronzer :D It`s a very natural matte bronzer that could work for a large range of skin tones and undertones. Sculpts and shapes the face wonderfully and blends out nicely. It smells divine and doesn`t lean red or orange :) Don`t know what more I could ask for! -
Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Golden Mosaic -
Size/Amount of Product: 0.14 oz, a great amount of product! -
Color & Pigmentation: It comes with 4 different colors: the top color is a deep chocolate brown, the left color is a copper, the right color is a golden shade, and the bottom is a warm light golden beige. When all of the colors are blended out together, it`s a baked brown color with a copper overtone. It has golden shimmers dispensed throughout the product, because after all, it is a shimmer bloc. It has great pigmentation; the most pigmented of the three! -
Texture & Finish: This text will generally be the same as in the review I had about the bottom color as a highlight because...it`s the same product :P When first swatched with a finger, it feels a little on the chalky side, but when blended out, it feels much smoother. It`s almost as if it has a satin base with a frost finish. I think it would be a little bit too frosty/shimmery to be a contouring product, but it`s a great all-over bronzing or highlighting product when used with a light hand :) It gives off a healthy, glowing sheen that isn`t too overbearing! -
Packaging: Sturdy plastic, very compact and cute. Large enough for a brush to get in and great for travel! It also includes a little mirror, which could be useful if you ever want to check your eye makeup or put in your contacts in a pinch. -
Special Mentions: This is actually a very versatile product! The colors could be used individually as eyeshadows, the bottom shade could be used just as a highlight, the all of the shades mixed together could provide a nice all-over bronzer or highlight, or a combination of 2 or 3 of the colors could be used to highlight as well :) -
Retail Price: $38 for 0.21 oz of product. -
My Rating: , but more like a 4.5! I think this is a great product to have because of its versatility :D I think it would work as a great gift in the full-size because it is so versatile. Not only is it great quality, it gives a gorgeous finish and the packaging and overall aesthetic appeal of the product looks very expensive! The only con I can think of is that it may be a little too shimmery for some peoples` taste. It is a Shimmer Bloc though, so you definitely get what they advertised it as. Do keep in mind that it`s not overbearingly shimmery though :) -
Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna -
Size/Amount of Product: 0.08 oz, also a good amount of product. -
Color & Pigmentation: It is officially described exactly as it looks in the pan: a brown with golden shimmer. Swatched with a finger, it looks slightly on the taupe side with a bit of a yellowish undertone, but on the face, it doesn`t lean yellow at all. It returns to it`s normal brown color on the face. To my surprise, it actually isn`t crazy pigmented like the NARS blushes are; it`s actually quite sheer. I think that`s nice for this product though because it`s a bronzer. You don`t want to look like you have brown streaks on your face when contouring! -
Texture & Finish: Just like the NARS blushes, Laguna is very velvety smooth to the touch. It swatches & blends very smoothly as well. It appears matte on the face, but it does give off a subtle golden glow when inspected carefully. -
Packaging: It`s basically a teeny version of the original NARS packaging: same rubberized material and still as infamously finger-print attractive. It`s absolutely adorable and super great for travel! It includes a tiny mirror as well, in case you might need it ^^ -
Special Mentions: Although it swatches sheer, it picks up on a brush nicely and doesn`t ever look unnatural on the face. It`s sheer, but buildable, and blends like a dream! -
Retail Price: $34 for 0.28 oz. -
My Rating: ! I love this bronzer as well <3 I`d use Laguna if I wanted a nice natural looking sculpted face with a subtle glow :) The difference between this and the TF Chocolate Soleil is that the TF one gives a completely matte look. Laguna, in my experience, is much like the Too Faced one, except with a golden sheen to it. ___________________________________________________________ That`s it for this review! ^^ Although the post was on the lengthy side, I do hope it was informative and helpful to anyone looking for a great bronzer! As you have read, I`m pretty happy with all of the ones included in this set :D So far, the Sephora Favorites In The Glow Set has been nothing but amazing Like I said before in my previous review, because these are mini-sized products, they`re great for travel! Also, because they came in a value set, you can save a lot of money while allowing yourself to try a bunch of different products :) The blush reviews will come next, so keep a lookout for that! Again, /viz/4-luminizerhighlight-reviews-sephora-favorites-glow-set to my review ont he highlight/luminizers included in this set! Definitely check it out!
Thanks for reading/viewing this review! I`d love to hear if you`ve tried any of these before, and if so, what you thought of them :) If you haven`t tried any of these, which one most interests you? Leave your comments and/or questions down below!
As always, feel free to rate this post, add me as a friend, or follow me :D If you`re feeling extra loving, I`d greatly appreciate it if you did all three ^^

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