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/viz/glorias-2012-holiday-giveaway-re-post Hey Luuux! :D I haven`t put up a Health & Beauty post in a while, so finally decided to do the final review on the
Sephora Favorites In The Glow Set! As the title suggests, this time I`ll be doing the review on the blushes that came in the set! I absolutely love blushes, so I was most excited to try these out :) Keep reading if you`re interested in how each of these perform. _______________________________________________________________
Stila Convertible Color in `Peony` -
Size/Amount of Product: 0.07 oz, not too much product, but decent as a sample. -
Color & Pigmentation: This is a slightly brown undertoned mauve color. Since it is designed to be a convertible cream blush and lip color, I`ll explain how it appears on both the cheeks and lips. On the cheeks, it appears slightly muddy at first, but when spread out, it gave a sheer mauve-y nude sheen. I`m actually not a fan of cream blushes, so didn`t like it very much, but it did spread smoothly. On the lips, it looks like a nice natural looking mauve-y nude color as well. It`s much less noticeable on the lips (but that might be due to my pigmented lips). Overall, it`s a very sheer, but buildable product. -
Texture & Finish: It`s supposed to be a non-greasy product, but to me it felt a little slick and oily. I like it much better on the lips than on the cheeks. The product leaves my cheeks feeling a little bit oily on its own, but it`s very moisturizing on the lips. On both the cheeks and lips, it gives a very dewy, shiny effect. -
Lasting Power: Being a cream product, it lasted a fair amount on my cheeks. I`d say on the cheeks, it lasts about 5-6 hours, but on the lips, it only lasts about 1-2 hours. I think it would be a great cheek product for people with drier skin. -
Packaging: This was the least impressive packaging out of all of the products in the set. It comes in a flimsy plastic case that seems cheaply made. -
Retail Price: $25 for 0.15 oz of product. -
My Rating:
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in `Splendor` -
Size/Amount of Product: 0.11 oz, a fair amount of product. -
Color & Pigmentation: This is a bright pink blush with fine pink and iridescent shimmers and also larger golden glitter particles.
It`s much more true to color in the first picture than in the individual picture of the product! I do not believe it`s a part of their regular line, so this might be exclusive to the Sephora Favorites ITG Set! Like the other Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes, it`s very pigmented (much more pigmented on the cheeks than in a swatch). -
Texture & Finish: Because of the larger glitter particles, the blush feels a little bit gritty to the touch, but on the cheeks, it`s smooth and very blendable. It does have a shimmery finish, but it doesn`t look overbearingly glittery. To my surprise, the larger chunks of glitter do not embed on the skin and look unnatural, but some do occasionally appear on the cheeks. I have no problem brushing them off of my skin though. The finer shimmers give a nice healthy and dewy effect on the skin :) If you wear this blush, there is definitely no need for a highlight on the cheeks. -
Lasting Power: Very long lasting like the rest of the Amazonian Clay line :D I think it lasted me a good 10 hours on the cheeks before fading. -
Packaging: Very sturdy plastic packaging that resembles the color and finish of the actual blush. It`s the same exact packaging design as the full-sized blushes, it`s just smaller. It`s super cute and great for travel! -
Retail Price: $25 for 0.2 oz of product, so I think this was a great deal to receive in the set! The mini blush is a little more than half of a full-size blush :) -
My Rating: , but more like a 4.5! The only reason it didn`t receive a perfect rating is because of the larger glitter chunks that can be a little bit annoying. It`s not difficult to work with though, so still highly rated in my book! ^^
Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in `Flush` -
Size/Amount of Product: 0.17 oz, which is a generous amount. -
Color & Pigmentation: This is described as a sheer berry, and I`d have to agree with that description. It is quite sheer, but has a natural looking berry tint to it. -
Texture & Finish: This has a solid-jelly like texture that feels like it`s packed with moisture without being greasy/oily. Definitely has healthy, dewy finish that`s perfect for someone who wants to bring natural color to the cheeks or lips. Like I said before, I`m not a fan of blushes that aren`t in powder form, but this is actually really nice :) It gives a very natural looking flush to the cheeks, and on the lips it has a lip tint effect. Very natural looking and the color is beautiful! -
Lasting Power: On the cheeks and lips, it does have a staining effect. It`s pretty vibrant on the cheeks for about 4-5 hours, and begins to fade a little afterwards, but still leaves a subtle and natural looking tint for the next 3-4 hours. On the lips, the color lasts for about 3-4 hours, and begins to fade, but stains the lips a sheer berry color that lasts for another 3-4 hours. -
Packaging: Tarte does a great job with their packaging, and certainly don`t disappoint with mini sizes either! The packaging is exactly like their full-sized cheek stains, but it`s just smaller. It comes in a sturdy plastic tube, which again, mimics the color of the actual product, and has a silver cap. The product is able to be twisted up and down for easy application. On top of the cheek stain is also a plastic cover to keep the product from drying out, and also helps with sanitation. -
Retail Price: $30 for 1.0 oz of product. -
My Rating: _______________________________________________________________ That`s my last post/review on the Sephora Favorites In The Glow Set! :) I hope you found it helpful and informative! I do believe this set is now sold out on the Sephora website, but you might still be able to find it in stores :D Overall, I`m really happy with the majority of the products that were included, and highly recommend purchasing it if you can find it! I love how they included a wide range of products from several popular brands, and I think all of the products are amazing for travel as well as great quality and worth the price!
Thanks for reading/viewing this review :D If you have ever tried any of these before, definitely let me know how you liked them! If you haven`t tried any of these, which one would you be most interested in trying? Let me know in your comments down below! Also, if you have any questions, leave those down below as well ^^
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