2PM`s Wooyoung Celebrates 23rd Birthday!

Credit: Soompi

On April 30, Wooyoung has tweeted a couple pictures of himself and his birthday cakes in celebration of his 23rd birthday! In one photo, Wooyoung is celebrating with a sweet cream cake with lots of hearts and love. In another photo, he shows off his goofy and humorous side with a cake made of hamburger and "Choco Pie" with an oversized candle on top. Netizens have also commented, Wooyoung must be aging backwards. He has become more childish, Wooyoung is so cute. Also, the interesting hamburger and Choco Pie cake has left many Netizens wondering if the work of art is a creation of the 2PM members.

The choco-burger cake definitely looks like something the 2PM members would do since they`re so random and playful amongst each other. I`m just glad they got him a REAL cake afterwards, hahaha! Happy 23rd birthday Wooyoung!

Source link: http://www.soompi.com/news/wooyoungs-chocolate-burger-birthday-cake

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