2nd St. Creamery - Lots of Brownies Ice Cream

4 years ago

This is a pint of ice cream I actually got for FREE thanks to Klout! I was awarded a perk for 2nd St. Creamery ice cream and received 2 coupons in the mail. After much avail I received a message via Twitter from Klout/2nd St. Creamery letting me know that a local shopping store actually sold it. From all I could find the ice cream was being sold at gas stations and convenience stores and we all know those locations do not accept coupons. Long story short, I finally headed to the supermarket and found 4 flavors of ice cream - one of them was this flavor <strong>Lots of Brownies</strong>. The container describes the ice cream as vanilla ice cream with chewy chocolate chip brownies and fudge sauce.

It most certainly lived up to its name and description. It was a nice, rich vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce with a TON of brownies. Like, insane amount of mini brownies. Every bite had a brownie in it (and I`m not talking gigantic bites either).

The only negative? I didn`t measure out my serving. My boyfriend and I attacked this bad boy with a spoon and ate the entire pint LOL. Rut-roh, Shaggy.

Do you like brownie ice cream?

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