2nd Mother`s Day Card - crafted by me

Every Wednesday, I have a Girl Scouts after school program at a public school with a fellow co-worker, who is also a friend. She couldn`t make it today. But that was alright, because I felt that I would be able to handle them. Usually they`re out of control but today it seemed like they didn`t have any sugary goods before I took them for the afternoon.
I get the 1st & 2nd graders first at 3:30pm, then around 4:15pm, we get the 3rd graders. We`re all in the cafeteria/gym so there`s not much hectic movement when switching. I say cafeteria/gym because they`re the same room.
On Wednesdays, it usually looks like half the room is the gym for karate & the other half is a cafeteria for us.

We usually have a total of 4 girls for the first group. So they were all here today. & There are usually 2 for the second group.

Today`s activities was that we were making Mother`s Day Cards since it is on Sunday after all.
Everyone got into it. & If I hadn`t left the camera at home, I would have taken pictures of all of the creativity.
Even the 4th & 5th graders joined in and they were copying ideas from the 1st & 2nd graders.

You know how with kids, you usually have to tell them everything they make or decorated is "nice/cool looking".
<strong> But to tell you the truth</strong>, the 1st & 2nd graders did the best in card making. The 3rd graders and a few of the higher grades decorated their card like a preschooler.
Gosh, that was a bit mean. :(


Back to my card though, I decided on brown construction paper. I also took a pack of curved long cardstock paper & picked this one. I wrote <em>Happy Mother`s Day Mom!</em> in the middle. I put some stickers on the front.

On the first page inside, I put letter stickers that spelled out <strong>I LOVE YOU!!</strong> & Underneath, I took another cardstock paper and cut it out to the shape of the heart. I pasted it & I did sort of a brainstorm thing. In this case, I guess you could call it, lovestorm. lols
It says...
<strong>I </strong>
<em>the things you do for me
the good times we have together
that you are my mom & I couldn`t have asked for another one
that you will love my gift no matter what it is . </em>

On the next page, I wrote <strong>I U</strong>dripping red over black. On the back, there is a piece of cardstock paper glued on the bottom.

These 2 cards, are not just her only gifts. I have to find the first card though. Its lost somewhere in my room. I`m going to Marshall`s with her on Saturday so I`ll check out what I can buy her behind her back.

1. What gifts are you getting your mom?
2. Did you get her a card or make it?

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