2nd luuux order - Origins Plantscription

I`ve been on luuux for a while but it`s taken me well, just as long to place my orders, it`s mainly because I don`t want to leave mindless "I like it" comments on people`s posts just to rack up luuux$$, and the fact that I`m not here for the perks, I really do like reading the posts !!

anyways, my first order was the Uggs for my daughter which she is still loving btw. I decided to order the Origins plantscription anti aging serum for a couple of reasons. 1. I`m almost all out of my Olay pro x skin system and I`ve been looking into another line of skin care to try out, I thought I`d try out Roc but a lot of their stuff doesn`t have great reviews. 2. have you seen the reviews on this stuff? it`s got like 4 1/2 stars on Sephora and the Origins website.

why anti aging? because you should really start when you`re in your mid 20s, at least with a little eye cream and I`m waaaay past my mid 20s LOL I don`t have a lot of wrinkles but yeah, there`s stuff I`d like to dimish. so, this was the perfect chance to try it out since it`s $55 at the store. I figured if this works then I can try their anti aging line all together. totally excited to get it !

Source link: http://www.origins.com/product/5775/15685/Skincare/Star-Collection/Plantscription/Plantscription/Anti-aging-serum-with-Anogeissu

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