2nd Christmas Courtesy of JennaFroggy!

Last week, JennaFroggy (http://www.jennafroggy.com) posted a franken for Butter London`s Black Knight (http://www.jennafroggy.com/2012/01/black-knight-franken.html), and she mentioned she made some extra ingredients to make a few more so I told her I wanted to buy one from her. Then after some social tweeting with her, she sneakily asked what my favorite color is - in which I explained how I LOVE the color white although people always argue with me that it isn`t a color. The next day, she posted a franken for "Black Knight`s Nicer Cousin" aka "Birthday Cake" (http://www.jennafroggy.com/2012/01/black-knights-nicer-cousin.html) as named by her kiddies, and mentioned she made an extra bottle for me! OHMYGOSH I flipped out a bit after reading that! :) I love how she used the same recipe but switched out the black for the white - gorgeously genius!

I was so excited to try out these polishes, plus she said she was going to throw in a surprise too, so I was super anxious to see that as well! Her package was the first one to arrive at my new house (which I tore open like a kid on Christmas morning!), and of course I didn`t have my photographing station setup yet so I couldn`t share these lovely goodies with you until today.

Side Note: Jenna is the sweetest person ever!! Not only for making Birthday Cake for me, but the little extras that she threw into the package were absolutely PERFECT for me! It`s like she knew me without knowing me, lol ;)

(the following photos were taken in my new house - in the dining room - so let me know what you think of them - I`m still testing out where to set up all my blogging/filming/photographing stuff, so if these are decent I might just make the dining room my photo station)

I had to try out the Black Knight franken first. It`s as beautiful as I imagined! It`s packed full of glitters, I love it!!

Then I grabbed the Birthday Cake franken and my heart just fell for it! I love white based polishes, and her kiddies were so right - it looks like a sprinkled cake. Kinda has me craving cupcakes now ;)

Next I tried out Color Club`s Tangerine Scream - this polish got me so excited because I love combos of orange and blue, and this near neon orange polish has a slight shimmer of sky blue in it. I`m so in love!

Next I tried out Color Club`s Volt of Light - this polish is a highlighter yellow shade with a blue/green shimmer. It`s outrageous and hot! I totally can`t wait to sport this on sunny days - maybe even use some blue polishes to decorate it up! :)

Lastly I tried on China Glaze Electric Pineapple, which at first I thought would be a greeny/yellow, but after swatching it, it looks more like a 60`s-70`s retro yellow (I have a thing for shades that remind me of vintage/retro fabrics). I am totally envisioning creating a retro pattern on my nails this Spring with Electric Pineapple!! oh ya!

She also included some SUPER adorable nail stickers (I LOVE nail stickers!!!!) in cherry`s, frogs, butterfly`s and monkey`s - too cute to handle! I might incorporate some of these stickers in my party mani this Friday.

She included a Sudoku book - ok, how did she know I love game books?! I just finished a mini word search book and a mini Sudoku book, so this is perfect because I was planning on going to the drugstore to get another book soon. These books are perfect for all the nights I can`t sleep from pregnancy discomforts and constant kicking.

Lastly, she sent me this scarf that she made!!! :D Ok, first off, I LOVE scarves! Second, I was complaining to BF that he packed up my scarves and I need one because the house tends to get a little chilly. Third, I had mentioned to her on Twitter that I saw this scarf on her sale tab and I really want to learn how to make one like this - ribbons in scarves is such a cute idea and I love how the scarf is neutral and the ribbons are popping color!!! This scarf totally stole the limelight of the entire package!

Sending out a HUGE thank you to JennaFroggy (http://www.jennafroggy.com) for her sweet and thoughtful package, I love it to pieces and I`m definitely going to think up something special to do for her ;)

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