25 tips to perfect skin

1. Drink plenty of water- You`ll hear this one a lot, and here it is again. Water is very important.
2. Wash your face twice a day with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type (even if you have oily skin as excessive drying will cause your skin to produce more oil)- If you have dry cracked skin, make sure you are using something for dry skin and so on. Always make sure you wash off all your makeup before bed if applicable as it will clog your pores.
3. Clean your brushes- Your makeup brushes collect an insane amount of bacteria, you would be surprised. Use dish soap mixed with a little olive oil to get all the dirt off your brushes, rinse them then let them dry on their sides or upside down if possible.
4. Use skin mapping, I may make another blog on this. I know it sounds crazy, but it really works!
5. Do some kind of treatment for your skin once a week. There are a plethora of mask you can make at home that will help your skin immensely, that I may again, make another blog about.
6. If you are using a foundation make sure it matches your skin type and tone perfectly. I have very fair cool toned skin and like the true match foundations. You can check your wrist to see if you are cool or warm toned, if you look greenish you are warm toned, if they look blue or purple you are cool toned, if you can`t tell you are neutral!
7. Exfoliate at least once a week, I recommend st ives.
8. Lemon juice can work wonders for fading acne scars granted you do not have dry or sensitive skin, for dryer or more sensitive skin natural honey works very well but is a little less potent. You can also exfoliate with baking soda, as it has natural whitening properties.
9. Asian BB creams are amazing products, not the ones you find in America or drugstores, but actual Asian BB creams as they usually do what they claim to. However be weary of fake products and scams. Also darker skinned people should be careful as they mostly only come in lighter colors and the whitening agents in them really work!
9. Start using eye creams as soon as possible, this will prevent future aging, if you refuse to buy an eye cream applying Vaseline or olive oil to the under eye area is not great, but is better than nothing.
10. Wash your face with a washcloth instead of just your hands, it will provide just the amount of exfoliation you need for every day.
11. Make sure you change your pillow cases and keep your cell phone cases clean, it`ll prevent bacteria from spreading to your face.
12. Sleeping on your back will give your face a slight lift.
13. If possible wash off your makeup before working out as the sweat can cause you to clog your pores.
14. Wash your hands before you touch your face!
15. Apply either a spot acne treatment or a small amount of non gel whitening toothpaste to zits. The whitening toothpaste will dry them out and reduce their color- however be warned this will make zits caused by dryness worse.
16. You can use alcohol free witch hazel or rose water for toners and they will be better than most you can buy in the store. Witch hazel for acne prone normal combination or oily skin or rose water for dry aged or sensitive skin.
17. If you have relentless acne, see a dermatologist. There are medications they can give you.
18. Asian sheet mask are super effective, and somewhat inexpensive. However many of these have whitening products so again be careful!
19. Buy a good quality sunscreen, the sun will cause you to age and cause sunspots
20. If you are tanning, stop it! Use self tanner instead, it`s better for your skin. Or you can be different by staying pale. Many girls look more beautiful this way.
21. If you have dark circles, sleep may not be your problem! Make sure you are taking iron supplements and over the counter allergy medicine.
22. If you aren`t already take vitamin C and E supplements, most people know about vitamin E but not about C!
23. Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep, I swear that every time I get less than 4 I break out the next day.
24. To keep foundation from getting too heavy and add moister to your skin for daytime, mix your foundation with a little moisturizer or use a tinted moisturizer or even better BB cream!
25. Apply a concealer with acne treatment to your acne and a concealer that treats dark circles to your dark circles dark spots and dry red areas. It makes a difference!
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