25 Shocking Celebrity Weight Changes

5 years ago

Over the years a lot of celebrities, singers or anybody who`s part of the entertainment business suffered from their weight. Some would even gained pounds and pounds to play in a movie role. I will post three successful people who suffered with their weights and two who gained weights for movie roles. 

+ Star Jones Reynolds was a former co-host for The Views. She denied about getting anything done after she drops 160 pounds within three years. In 2007 she did admit that she did get some work done to shed the unhealthy weight. 

+ Randy Jackson is a judge on American Idol. During 2002 the former judge weight over 300 pounds. He struggled to keep his diabetes under control so he decided to get gastric bypass. He lost 100lbs and now eating healthier than ever!

+ Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actress of all time. Charlize was one of the actress who had to gained weight to play in a movie called "Monster." She gained 30lbs eating doughnuts! After the movie was over Charlize went back to her normal size 8. She didn`t want to lose her curves. She won Best actress for the role in Monster. Congrats!

+ Jared Leto gained 60 pounds to play the role as John Lennon`s killer. The movie was called Chapter 27 which was release a while back. He suffered with severe gout like foot pain while his weight gain. It took him nearly a year to lose the weight. Refuse to gain anymore weight. 

+  Ricky Lake was one of my favorite! I`ve known her as the kid who was in Hairspray, Cry baby and so on. She played as chubby Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray. 

During 1992 Ricki admits she starved herself that`s why she weight 100 pounds lighter. Word!?

Overall, everybody looks amazing. There are more so don`t forget to check the link below. How awesome!

1. What other celebs do you see thats not listed?
2. What`s your thought about this whole situation 

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