$24 Dollar Michael Kors Jacket!

3 years ago

Yes you read that title right! I got this jacket for $24 dollars!
Michael Kors at that too!
This is the second Michael Kors Jacket that I got for under $30 at the same store!

Luckily it fit me! I thought that this would be small for me, but it fits me well. I wasn`t looking for anything but when I saw several North Faces I was like okay, lets look around this rack. I saw this tan colored jacket and in my head I was like `what brand is this?` Flipped it over and saw MichaelKors! Then I flipped over the price tag and I was like `$40, $50` then I saw $23.99! I showed my mom and she looked at me like what did you find?

I showed her and she was shocked. I expected this to be more pricy because I saw the water speakers (from vine and what not) and it was $35 and I saw Go White for $25 and it was like where did the good deals go?

But anyways...
Do you like them?

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