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24 is an American tv show which action is presented in real time. Each season has 24 episodes, each episode representing one hour of one day of the CTU agent (Agency Against Terrorism) Jack Bauer day who deals with the threats to U.S. national security. The storyline of the first six seasons of the show takes place in Los Angeles or in adjacent locations - both real and imaginary - of California, although occasionally are used other locations, etc - mostly Washington. DC, for season four and six.

What is Interesting and very original at this series, is that the action occurs in real time. If you noticed, the clock times even the minutes destinated to the commercials, which gives the show an even greater note authenticity. In the most dramatic moments of the show (the last episode of season 1 and the last episode of season 6)) the ticking clock is not heard anymore, but is a"silent clock".

I think this series was a huge opportunity for Kiefer Sutherland career, as if you look at his filmography, you will see that until 2000 he starred in B category movies, but after appearing in this production he received some pretty good roles in some well-known films, and had the opportunity to work with great actors in Hollywood. A great chance for Kiefer to revive his career!!

An incredible tv show! If come to think it, one season basically lasts one day! Youd think that the action would be a dull and boring. But 24 is quite the opposite. Non-stop adrenaline action and a great main character, Jack Bauer. Everything about this show is magnificent.

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