$23 Hollister Jeans And First Impressions

2 years ago

Something that I really dislike is waiting for online orders. But I finally got my online Hollister order today! :) I placed this order back on Boxing Day when they were having a sale on their jeans for $23! This is such a good deal since their jeans are originally about $52.50 CAD.

I have multiple (over 30) pairs of jeans from Hollister since I love how they have the `short` fit. But even the short fit is too long for me -_- The perfect length for me is sadly their `crop` length. I was tempted to buy more since they are so cheap but I didn`t really like any other jeans they had online. I ended up getting the same fit in different colours.

First Impressions:

-Ryan Super Skinny Jeans in Black: Originally Hollister never carried anything black because according to a friend who worked there way back when, said that the colours black and purple were `emo-related.` And that wasn`t the image they were trying to promote. Well honestly black is a classic colour that goes with anything and if they carried black since the start, their sales would have been higher. What I love about these pants is that they are super black. Compared to the other jeans, this pair had the thickest/hardest texture. I definitely plan to wear these with any outfit.

-Ryan Super Skinny Jeans in Khaki: I have two other pairs of khaki coloured pants but those ones are a bit bigger than I like and don`t fit me as well, so I decided to get myself another pair of them. I find these pants to have a velvety/soft feel to them and feel exactly like the army green pair I own from Hollister. The only thing I dislike about these pants is that they only offered them in regular length online. I find these pants to be great for warmer months due to the light colour.

-Ryan Super Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash: I was on the edge about buying these since I have many pairs that look very similar to this one. But I gave in when I saw the back pocket stitching to be blue instead of the typical yellow/brown colour that they carry often. And I don`t have many pairs with the light blue stitching, so getting this extra pair was alright. Out of all the pants, this pair was the thinnest surprisingly. They feel more like jeggings than actual jeans which is a bit upsetting since these are considered `jeans` on their site even though the other two are the same fit and style.

Overall I am really happy for getting these jeans for so cheap! I think they still have their jeans on sale but they are on sale for $27, which is still a really good deal compared to their original prices.

Do you buy Hollister jeans?

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