2013 Toyota RAV4 XLE Thoughts

Meet the latest car addition in our family, the 2013 Toyota RAV4 XLE Crossover SUV in Magnetic Gray Metallic that my parents bought last year. I have drove this car on and off for the past 8 months and I want to share my experience/thoughts. My family is Team Toyota - we all drive Toyotas! Toyota because they are affordable, reliable, and most of all gas efficient vehicles!

Overview on the 2013 Toyota RAV XLE
- MSRP $23,300$28,410
- Estimated MPG - 2224 city / 2931 hwy
- Four-cylinders
- Six-speed automatic transmission
- FWD or AWD (We purchased the FWD)
- Standard backup camera
- Optional Roof Rack/Side Railing (which we added for extra)

This is our first time owning a Crossover SUV so driving an SUV was a totally new experience for me/my family. Although the SUV is quite smaller compared to other SUVs I thought it was hard to drive at first because the SUV is wider but shorter than your average sedan. The perks about driving an SUV is that you could see the road clearer - cars in front / behind since you`re higher but your blind spot are the sides in my opinion. Though you have blind spots the side mirrors are large so that will help you drive.

What I like about the car?
- Standard backup camera, very helpful and especially for parallel parking!
- Comfortable to drive, the seats are better than my car
- The back seats fold or can be adjusted manually to your comfort
- Spacious and roomy
- Has a Eco Gas Saver and I noticed this car saves gas especially if you drive on the freeway often

The cons I have for this car is that there is no automatic car lights that turn on when it`s night time. The car only has running daylight and after that you have to turn the switch for lights. It`s a 2013 new car - common Toyota! I also wish the seats were automatic and not manual. It would also be nice if the trunk has a feature to close itself with a push.

Optional items - we added the roof rack for additional only because it makes the SUV look better and not so bare as well as the side railing. Honestly, we don`t use either - it was just for the looks.

Overall, we`re living with the cons and it`s not a bad vehicle for the price. It`s a decent SUV to get around and I enjoy driving a SUV that I want a SUV in the future (maybe not a RAV4 though)!

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