2012 San Diego County Fair

4 years ago

Since I missed the SD Fair last year, I was reeaaaaally excited to go this year. (Last year, I was too busy studying for the biggest test of my life: the NCLEX.)

Anyway, I was excited mainly because of all of the food I wanted to eat. Deep fried oreos. Deep fried kool-aid. Deep fried snickers. Deep fried klondike bar. Turkey leg wrapped in bacon. The list goes on.

As soon as Cocobear picked me up, he suggested, "Let`s go grab a burger at Five Guys." Really?? OK, fine, let`s go to Five Guys. Since I get full easily, I opted not to get a burger. I wanted to save my appetite for the fair. Cocobear explained that since we will be at the fair for the whole day, he didn`t want to have lunch AND dinner over there. Easier on the wallet and easier on the health, I guess.

On our way to the fair, the line to exit the freeway was RIDICULOUS. Luckily Mr. Speedracer Cocobear was able to weave in and out of traffic. We spent no more than 5 minutes in traffic. Sucks to be the guy at the end of the line (I`m pretty sure everyone else spent at least 45-60 minutes trying to exit). The fair gets crazy packed, especially on the weekends. At $10 for parking, I wonder how much money they make from the cars alone.

Got to the fair. Wasn`t quite hungry yet. So I decided that I wanted to check out the Bodies Museum. Me being a nurse and all, I was totally geeking out to see this museum. For those of you who don`t know what I`m talking about, the Bodies Museum is an exhibit of embalmed bodies that have been stripped down to bare muscles, blood vessels and organs. There were whole bodies, bodies cut in half, hearts, livers, kidneys...you name it, they had it. Sounds pretty gruesome, but trust me, it was actually very educational.

I`m sad to say throughout our whole day at the fair, we only ate TWO things. *sigh*. We had a 50/50, which is half-brownie half-chocolate chip cookie. Pretty good considering it wasn`t too sweet. And we also ate a Blooming Onion, which is pretty much a deep fried onion with ranch dip. Didn`t get to try any of the other deep fried foods...my stomach was feeling heavy after the onion. It was kind of a good thing though because I know my arteries would`ve been pissed at me if I ate anything else.

I`m thinking of going back to the fair before it closes. I just wish there wasn`t so many damn people there!!

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