2012 Birthday Haul Gifts!

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! So today was my birthday and well, first thing I saw when I woke up and got out of my bedroom was that my dinner table had presents on it and seeing it really made my day. I had a wonderful birthday and it was just really nice being able to stay at home the whole day and relax. I`m not much of a party type of person which is probably why I like relaxing but I still had a great day! Yay!

So here`s what I got (and they`re listed according to the picture, btw)

From Best Friend:
1. Conair Double Ceramic Technology Curling Iron (1") from my best friend- this a new product from Conair that has the double ceramic technology. This is so new that there aren`t any reviews out there yet! I`ve been wanting a curling iron for so long because I have a wand and a straightener and I`m so glad I got this <3

From Mom and Dad:
2. Me Makeover Essentials Lip Trio- this has 3 lip glosses with lip plumpers on the opposite sides of the lip glosses. I like the colors alot :) It comes in a faux leather package!

3. Me Makeover Essentials Extreme Mascara Duo- this has a mascara on one end and a conditioning treatment on the other. Its really handy and portable!

4. Me Makeover Essentials The Complete Petite- this is a complete makeup set with 5 matte eyeshadows, 2 powder blushes, a mirror, 3 applicators, 1 mascara, 1 lip pencil, 1 eye pencil, 5 shimmer eyeshadows, 5 lip colors, and a pencil sharpener. Its so cute!

From Sister:
5. Claire`s Kitty Bag- this is super cute! i could tell it was from Claire`s because the tag inside said so :3 I love it and I`ll definitely be using it casually! Its quite small but I think that I could fit maybe an mp3 and some candy inside xD

6. Moustache Keychain- so I know that moustaches have been a trend, especially on nails lately and my sis got me this keychain! It makes a funny sound and I think its adorable <3

7. Hand Sanitizer Holder- but wait! There`s a catch. Its a BUMBLEBEE! I thought that it was ADORABLE how the holder was a bumblebee! Its also magnetic so I can stick it to my fridge if I want to :)

8. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Island Nectar- So somehow, without her knowing about it, she picked out my favorite scent. I seriously love this smell and she said all she did was picked out a random one that she thought smelled okay! Love it!

9. Charlotte Russe Feather Hair Clips- these are so cute! I love how they have little diamonds and how they`re feathers. I`d love using these soon and in the summer <3 I`m going to have so much fun with them!

10. Heart Shaped 4-in-1 Manicure Set- This folds up into a heart in case you were wondering :) But anyways, inside, it has nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, and a mirror! I think its just adorable, especially because I`m such a sucker for miniture travel sized sets. I love this alot! <3 Haha, my family all knows that I`m a sucker for doing my nails and that kind of stuff so this gift was PERFECT for traveling and all!

From Brother:
1. Goody Bag- I`m surprised my 7 year old brother even got me anything. I thought it was sweet that he took time to put something together for me. It has M&Ms, Skittles, Sour Punch Straws, a slinky, and a glowstick. He ended up eating the m&ms and sour punch straws because he was hungry. He`s adorable!

One with a heart: This was from my sister and she like weaved it. It must have taken her FOREVER! It looks like she spent so much time and she even wrote a long meaningful message which made my day.

One with bag on front: From my best friend :) It was really sweet and cute.

White one: This was from my brother and inside, one line was, " Have a safe spring break but your birthday is more important." AWWW, he`s such a cutie :3 I love the thought that he put into it! Haha

Okay, so that`s all with the presents! I`m really thankful that everyone got me these wonderful and fun presents because I`ll definitely be using lots of them and testing the stuff out!

I`ll be putting out review of some of the stuff that I got. What do you want to see a review on?

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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