20 Fun Facts About Dreaming!

1. If you are snoring, you`re not dreaming.

2. We forget 90% of our dreams.

3. Blind people dream too, they can see images in their dreams.

4. Not everyone dreams in color. Some people, as much as 12% dream in black and white.

5. Animals dream too, they have more nightmares than peaceful dreams.

6. You can experience real orgasms in your sleep.

7. We are paralyzed in our sleep when it hits that stage.

8. If you dream about strangers it is possible that they are actual people you have met, and seen in real life.

9. You have the power to control your dreams.

10. An average person has about 4 dreams per night, which adds up to 1,460 dreams per year.

11. Most of us dream every 90 minutes, and the longest dream (30-45 minutes) occur in the morning.

12. Pregnant women remember dreams more than other populations. This is largely due to extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy.

13. Dreams are responsible for many of the greatest creations.

14. Premonition dreams - a case where people have actually had dreams about things which happened to them later, in the exact ways they dreamed about it.
Abraham Lincoln had dreams of his assassination. Many of the victims in 9/11 had dreams warning them about the catastrophe. Mark Twain had dreams about his brother`s demise.

15. Human beings spend a rough 6 years of their lifetime dreaming.

16. The colder your house is, the worse your dreams are.

17. Women experience more nightmares than men.

18. People who stay up late at night are more likely to have nightmares.

19. Sometimes in our dreams we hear a sound from reality and incorporate it into the dream.

20. Our brains tend to be more active when we are asleep, than when we are awake.


I hope you enjoyed those fun interesting facts about your sleeping and dreaming habits. I know I sure did when I learned this, thought I`d share it.

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