2 Weeks of Insanity Program - thoughts and review

4 years ago

For those of you interested in this cardio workout program i thought i would share my experience so far. I started the Insanity workout program about 2 weeks ago but before that I had been running about 3-4 miles/day and playing volleyball 2-3x/week but i felt like my routine was getting old. I`ve been really enjoying this program, it has been kicking my butt. its from the same makers as the p90x program but this is a cardio work out and p90x requires you to use weights and such.

a lot of people do the videos, stop halfway and think that was a good workout or it was too hard. i advise you to just do your best to finish the video one day at a time. like they say in the video, form over speed and take a rest if you need to.

if you`re interested in beginning the program, i advise taking a protein supplement afterwards as you will be very very sore if you don`t. i`m almost done with week 2 and am just now feeling a little better after the workouts to the point where i think i can play volleyball more often.

as for weight loss, i have yet to weigh myself, i wanted to wait until after the second fitness test indicated on the calendar. my friend who has completed the program and is starting her second cycle said she only really lost a few lbs but toned up a whole lot. and its true she`s so much more fit.

although i have yet to weigh myself, after running and playing volleyball and seeing very slow change in my body in the almost 2 weeks time that i have been doing the insanity program i can already see my body beginning to change though from what i`ve heard from others, you can really see your body begin to change after 3 weeks and the majority of weight loss will come during the intense 2nd month.

have you guys heard of this program?
are you interested in the program?

thanks for reading!
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