2 Weeks Are Up! (Gel Nails)

4 years ago

Thank goodness 2 weeks are up (its been a long 2 weeks)! I can finally give a full review on what I thought about Nailenes /viz/gel-nails-first-impressions-home-edition. In this post I will give a day-to-day review on my nails and give my overall thought about the wear of this kit. This kit promised that your gel nails can last up to 2 weeks. We will see if it does what it says.
Day 1: As the name implies, this is the first day I started wearing my gel nails. Of course no chip, nail growth or nail wear since I just applied them.
Day 2: They still look perfect; like I just did them.
Day 3: Again, no problems with nail wear, chip or nail growth. In the picture it looks like there is nail growth, its actually my cuticles ha. I really need to trim them but I am too lazyand scared to I will admit.
Day 4:
First time it chipped; this happened on my right pointer finger. The chip happened due to me putting gel on the sides of my nails. Since I did this, it was more prone to lifting thus causing chipping. Also this is the
first day of nail wear. The nail wear is not very noticeable if you are looking at them from the top. Also there is no nail growth; its just my cuticles.
Day 5: There is more nail wear; not very noticeable. You can begin to see pieces of the gel coming off from my cuticles, making it look uneven. Again no nail growth, just my ugly, untrimmed cuticles ha.
Day 6: Another chip happened but this time it was on my left thumb. There are actually 2 chips; one big and one small.
First signs of nail growth on thumb. Otherwise there is no nail growth on my other fingers. There is more nail wear.
Day 7: There is lifting on my right ring finger. So I decided to pull it and I accidentally ripped a chunk off; so another chip you can say. This is the most noticeable chip so far and its a bit big. There is more nail wear and its still not very noticeable when viewed from up top. But quite visible from the sides. You can
begin to see very little nail growth on my fingers.
Day 8: As you can see, there is more nail wear and it has become more noticeable. There was a small chip on my right thumbnail. And if you look closely, you can see a bit of lifting.
Day 9: The nail growth is more noticeable now and same goes with the nail wear. From the top, the nail wear is not visible, but it is quite visible from the sides. Very tiny pieces have chipped off of the cuticle.
Day 10: There was another chip on my right thumbnail. You can see how the sides of my left thumbnail have chipped away. And the nail growth for it is quite noticeable. Again, there was more nail wear.
Day 11: A new chip has happened on my left thumb and its a bit noticeable. There was more nail growth and nail wear. I have noticed that the lifting near my cuticles are more noticeable and it sometimes gets caught when I was my hair.
Day 12: There were 3 new chips today! One was on my left middle finger, another on my left thumb and the last one was on my right middle finger. The chip on my left middle finger is very noticeable. The big chip was due to the lifting. Nail wear has become very noticeable from the top.
Day 13: 2 more chips occurred. More chipping happened on my left middle finger, making it bigger. And another chip happened on my left thumb, also making the chip bigger. You can see the very noticeable lifting.
Day 14: Hurray, last day! On my left thumb, you can see the gel polish hanging off. I decided to rip it off = chip. I decided to show you pictures of my left and right hand after 14 days. It seems like my left hand is more worn out than my right.
Pros: -Chipping and nail wear did not start until the fourth day. -Shine and glossiness lasted for the 2 whole weeks; did not become dull over time. -Glossiness also helps nail wear not as noticeable. -Strengthen brittle nails. -Looks really good for having these on for 14 days! -Great job of staying on, especially since I am very hard on my hands and nails.
Cons: -Having the same nail colour for 2 weeks = boredom. Especially if youre like me; a girl who loves changing her nails every week. -Not a huge selection of nail colours to choose from. -Time consuming. You need to paint your nails carefully or there will be a great chance of lifting and chipping. Overall, I really enjoy having and using this kit. I sure am glad that I picked it up when it was on sale. I highly recommend this kit for those who have brittle nails and dont mind changing their nail colour for 2 weeks. I was surprised that it stayed on this well since my hands and nails went through a rough 2 weeks. This post probably took the most work out of all my other posts since I had to keep up-to-date for 2 weeks. I hope you enjoyed this post even though it is quite long.
Would you try this kit? *Pictures belong to me*

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