$2 Sushi for Lunch!

4 years ago

I have been craving sushi for the longest time! I think I am sort of addicted to it because I just had it last week. Lol I don`t know why but I am just a huge HUGE fan of sushi! Anyways, there`s a sushi restaurant around my area that serves sushi for only $2 a plate! Amazing, right? :D

This is my third time to stop by this cute little revolving sushi bar. I love the concept and although the portion is small, two plates for me go a loong way. I also start off with their udon (Pic 4), which is only $1 each. Again, amazing, no?? Where can you get this great of a deal?! Especially when it comes to sushi! :)

So, this time around I got the Rainbow roll (Pic 1), Spicy Salmon roll (Pic 2) and my roommate got the Spicy Crunchy Salmon roll (Pic 3) as one of her options.

I loved the Rainbow Roll! It`s probably my favorite! The base for Rainbow Roll is California Roll and there`s avocado, tuna, salmon and albacore on top. Pretty colors! Hence, the name! :) The best thing about it is that this place uses REAL crab instead of imitation crab. This makes ALL the difference!

The Spicy Salmon roll was also delicious! Just the perfect amount of spicy mayo and mouth-watering salmon. I couldn`t really have any of the Spicy Crunchy Salmon roll because of the crunchy part. It has flour as its batter, which of course contains gluten. :) But I did try the rice and just the nori, with a little bit of the sauce. It was pretty spicy because of the jalapeno in it, but it was still really good.

I love this sushi place! It`s where I go to when I have my sushi kicks. The price is amazing. The sushi is pretty darn yummy. The udon bowl is also one of my faves! For $1, you can`t go wrong. And it fills you up, so you don`t over-eat! :)

What`s your favorite sushi?

Thanks for reading!

NOTE: Words and pictures are my own.

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