2 Summer Desserts!

4 years ago

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Hey everyone :)
It`s been a while since I`ve shared a food post, so thought I`d share a few desserts I`ve been enjoying lately! Summer`s coming to an end, so I wanted to share these with you all before it becomes too cold to eat them ^^


Dessert #1: Frozen Yogurt (FROYO!)
- If you`re a fan of froyo, I`m sure this is nothing new to you, but I looooove froyo on a hot summer day :D A new place called Orange Leaf opened up near where my boyfriend lives, so we decided to try it :) I`m more of a fan of the tart flavors, but my boyfriend likes the creamy, ice-cream like flavors more.
His froyo cup is on the left with flavors such as Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla with Oreo and Snickers toppings. My cup is on the right with tart flavors, such as Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, Original Tart, and Mango with Waffle Cone Pieces, Fruity Pebbles, Strawberries, and Mochi! ^^ So yummy!!

Dessert #2: /Hwa-Chae
- This is a dessert I`ve never tried before, but my boyfriend made it for me and it was really good! Supposedly it`s a pretty common thing to eat in Korea ^^ Basically what you do is slice watermelon pieces and various fruits you want to eat and put it in a bowl. Next, you can put some sugar/honey/syrup on top if you want. The final step is to fill the bowl with a fizzy drink, such as Sprite or Cider and ice :D
It`s really really good! In ours we included Korean grapes, green grapes, bananas, and of course the watermelon. Originally we had raspberries and pineapples too, but the raspberries went bad since the last time we ate it and we ran out of pineapple :( Next time I want to include strawberries and blueberries too!
Definitely give it a try! It`s really fresh and yummy!


Thanks for reading/viewing! Hope you enjoyed it and maybe give both of these a try if you haven`t before! ^^
If you have any questions/comments for me, leave them down below! As always, feel free to rate, add me as a friend, and follow me <3

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