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4 years ago

*MY PICS (Dare to steal?)
First and foremost, I want to share my opinion with you Luuux`ers on these two organic mascaras. The first one is by Pur Minerals (triple impact) mascara:
This mascara is MY FAV! My lashes look absolutely fab with this even when used ALONE. Just to let you know, some people complain about this flaking but I don`t experience that at all. My lashes are already long so I need something that will thicken the hell outta them and these do the trick. If you have short lashes, these will probably work for you too. I love fluffly thick mascara wands, I do not like those wands that seperate each lash for a more detailed look cuz first of all, all my lashes fell out since I been wearing mascara since 13 (that`s why I opt for organic lol) I have long lashes but not much lash hair so I opt for thickening formulas. If you know what I`m talking about with those detailed lashes, those mascara brushes that scrape your eyes IT HURTS SO BAD! This mascara lasts for a long time.."I KNOW I KNOW your supposed to throw your mascara out after 1-3 months BLAH BLAH BLAH" Sorry, I don`t! lol

Josie Maran (GOGO) mascara: Everyone had complaints that this is clumpy and THEY ARE RIGHT! LOL After a couple uses the clumps go away but I do nOT recommend using this alone, I like using this after I apply thick liner to the upper lash line. Double coats of this bad boy or even triple and you look like you have falsies on =D I would not repurchase tho...this has lasted me quite a while as well.

Both mascaras aren`t bad for being on the organic side. Another mascara that is LOVELY is the clinique high impact <--THEY WILL MAKE UR LASHES VERY PRETTY! Mascara`s are a hit or miss with me but I have to have the thick brushes. If you guys have the same taste in mascara PLEASE do tell me what thickening mascaras you love! Thanks.

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