2 Makeup ingredients to avoid !

4 years ago

These are some ingredients that can be harmful to the skin. Everyone`s skin is different and you should experiment with your skin but in general, these are some ingredients that can be harmful.
1. Wheat Germ Oil- This is an edible oil that can actually be healthy for you but not so much for your skin. This oil is very similair to another oil naturally found in our skin called sebum. This can moisturize our skin but too much can grow bacteria. So if your skin is already oily you really want to stay away from this because your natural sebum plus added oil will be a breeding ground for bacteria.
2. Sodium chloride- You probably know by now that this is salt and this can be very bad for your skin. Not only can it absorb moisture (making your skin terribly dry) but once absorbed by the skin it can offset your skins naural pH balance. This can result in breakouts and acne.
I hope this was helpful for some people so you can hopefully save money buy avoiding products that could hurt your skin. Thanks for reading!

TIP- If your makeup already has some of these ingredients try to use a primer that is benificial for your skin so that will be absorbed by your skin instead of the makeup!
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