2 large lattes, 1 girl

5 years ago

i went to peet`s for an iced latte this morning, and i ended up walking out with two HUGE lattes! i`m a very small person and that`s a lot of caffeine for someone who wasn`t even looking for this much coffee. here`s what happened...

i go to peet`s this morning for an iced sugar free vanilla latte. the weather`s warming up a bit and i wanted something iced. i opted for the large because i just felt like it LOL

when i make my order, it`s kinda noisy (it`s very crowded), and the guy at the register didn`t hear that i wanted an iced latte. he was just focusing on the sugar free/nonfat details. i get my receipt but i don`t look at it...

my drink comes out but it`s hot! i could`ve been okay with it being hot but hot lattes aren`t really something you already want on a warm day. i felt so terrible and i kinda uttered something to her about how i ordered an iced latte. she tells me to just take the hot one, and i`m kinda confused. is she telling me that i should just take the hot one and go?

she ended up making me another large latte, but this time it was iced. that was so sweet of her! i thanked her profusely for being so kind. i mean not all baristas are like that! she put a smile on my face, even though i was admittedly a little embarrassed to say something.

obviously i didn`t have both lattes... i think i would legitimately have a seizure or something from too much caffeine. i ended up giving the hot one to my roommate who doesn`t really drink iced drinks. she`s all about her hot coffees and teas so whatevs! it ended up all working out :)

has a barista ever been really nice to you like this?

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