2$ Ham Pizza Slices

5 years ago

There is a pizzeria close to me that i really like but i don`t actually go there often. They make big pizzas for affordable prices, which is one of the things they are known for around here and they always have pizza slices up for sale.
They usually just have ham and cheese pizza, sometimes they also have it with mushrooms and olives, but not much more, so they keep it simple so its good for everybody and makes them affordable.

Each slice costs 1.70, which is a bit over 2$, and they are very good. They are thin crust, which i also like even though i prefer the big crust, and they are huge, what they consider one slice is actually the size of 2 regular ones put together as you can see, the slices are usually cut in two and served like that.
Pizza is my favorite food and i haven`t had pizza from there in a while, so it was nice to change it up and have a quick meal, even though its not the healthiest and not my first pick for a healthy food but i don`t have it every week anyways.

<strong>Do you also go to a pizzaria that sells huge pizza slices?
When was the last time you had pizza?</strong>

(pic is mine)

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