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4 years ago

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Hey again, Luuux ^^
This was a haul I made from http://eyeslipsface.com (or ELF) a little while ago! If you`ve followed my posts, you probably know I`m not the hugest fan of ELF products, but I do think that some of their things are definitely worth trying! For the price, why not give them a try, right? Especially since they have come out with tons of `dupes` for higher end products! The only reason I made this haul, however, was because it was going to cost me near to NOTHING :D I received a $25 gift card with my last purchase, so thought I might as well take advantage of it :) Keep reading to see what I got!


<strong>Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in `St. Lucia`</strong> ($3.00):
I`ve been wanting to get this for a while since so many people rave about it~ I`ve heard it`s a close dupe for the NARS Orgasm & Laguna Blush & Bronzer Duo, but I`m not expecting it to be 100% exact. Can`t expect that for $3.00, but I am pretty excited to try it out! A little iffy about the shimmer in the bronzer, but I`m hoping for the best!

<strong>Studio Blush in `Twinkle Pink`</strong> ($3.00):
Since some of the other Studio Blushes from ELF have really impressed me, I thought I`d try this pretty pink shade out :) The shimmer in `Fuchsia Fusion` looked great on my skin (not as crazy shimmery as I thought it would be!), so I thought this one would be nice too ^^

<strong>Studio Lip Exfoliator</strong> ($3.00):
I`ve been looking for a nice lip exfoliator for the longest time~ The one I`m currently using is nice, but could be better, so hopefully this one works out for me!

<strong>Studio Flawless Concealer Brush</strong> ($3.00):
I`ve been wanting a really nice concealer brush for a while now...I`ve been eyeing the Sigma Sigmax brushes forever now, but can`t seem to bring myself to pay for them T_T Anyway, I tried this one today, and surprisingly it isn`t too shabby :)

<strong>Studio Small Tapered Brush</strong> ($3.00):
I used this one for applying my highlight today, and I absolutely love it for that! I`m sure it`ll be a great contouring brush as well! Very soft and has nice control :)

<strong>Studio Small Stipple Brush</strong> ($3.00):
I don`t know exactly why I bought this brush, but thought it might be good for applying highlight as well :) If you have any suggestions, definitely let me know!

<strong>Studio Stipple Brush</strong> ($3.00):
EmilyNoel83 on Youtube talked about these stippling brushes being great for applying creme blushes, so I thought I`d scoop these brushes up :) I`m not a big fan of creme blushes, but I thought if I had something to apply them with, maybe I`d like them a bit more? Hopefully it`ll change my mind!

<strong>Studio Kabuki Face Brush</strong> ($6.00) [not pictured]:
I forgot to take a picture of this one because it was in my makeup brush holder, but I`m sure you`ve seen a bunch of these in my previous posts, if not in tons of other peoples` posts! It`s incredibly soft, great for travel, and wonderful for applying powder products :D Highly recommend this brush!

<strong>Preliminary Order Total: $27.00</strong>
<strong>Discount: FREE Shipping (with code) & $25 Gift Card</strong>
<strong>Final Order Total: $2.00!</strong>

That`s it for this haul! I was really happy I could get all of these things for just $2! Pretty amazing if you ask me :) I love the random deals and promos ELF has on their website! Although not all of their products wow me, I did find some hidden gems in their Studio Blush line as well as their Studio Brush line :) It`s hard to beat ELF prices, and they definitely do come out with nice competitors in the drugstore!

<em>Tell Me: What`s your take on ELF products? Do you love them, hate them, or somewhere in between? Have you tried any of the products I hauled in this post? If so, let me know your thoughts on them in your comments below ^^</em>

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