2. Bronzer: How to apply?

2 years ago

Today I came with the part two of the explanation about bronzers. I have explained what was the bronzer function (http://www.luuux.com/viz/1-bronzer-what-is-it), and now I will explain how to apply it.

As I said in the previous post the bronzer can be used to tan and/or to contour our face.

I`ll start by talking to the contour of the face, for this purpose, the choice should be a matte bronzer or a powder two shades darker than our skin.
Normally the contour is made in the nose, forehead and below the cheekbones.

Nose: go with a small but fluffy brush with a little powder only on the sides.

Face: make the call `fish mouth` and apply with a fluffy brush below the cheekbones.

Forehead: apply a little bronzer on the high of the forehead.

Ie, use it in areas of your face you want to `hide`.

And for bronzing the skin and give us a healthy air that we usually have in the summer, the bronzer should be applied in areas where the sun burn.
For this, the bronzer can be matt or gloss.

The important thing is blending very well the bronzer, ALWAYS, both for bronzing or contouring.

In the picture below can better understand how to use it.

.Text are mine.

Image source link: http://www.yourbeauty411.com/how-to-apply-bronzer/

Source link: http://mixofcolorsandpatterns.blogspot.pt/2013/03/2-bronzer-como-aplicar.html

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