2 am McFlurry Run

4 years ago

So last night, my friends and I went out pretty late for a non-clubbing night.

We went to the Taiwanese festival near the harbour and to shisha. Just from where my boyfriend and I parked to meet our friend to the festival then to shisha, we walked a good 10 km+.

I realized I burned too many calories from my morning workout and the walking than the calories I consumed.

So at 2 am, I ate a McFlurry! =D I wasn`t hungry enough to eat noodles or rice or even a burger. But it was very hot and humid, so ice cream sounded good.

The McFlurry I got was the Nestle drumstick one, and its SUPER amazing. It`s a lot better than the Nestle drumstick ice cream. Personally, this mixin tastes the best out of all the ones McDonalds has ever come up with. This tops the Creme Brulee McFlurry.

Unlike the ice cream, it was waffle pieces and chocolate pieces. The ice cream was waffle pieces covered in chocolate. I found that separating them out created more the "drumstick" flavor.

Have you guys tried this?

*photo is mine*


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