1st time shopping at BathampBody Works

5 years ago

Yes you read that right. My 1st time shopping at B&BW. Embarrassing I know. I`ve shopped there before, but never for myself. Its always been for birthdays or Christmas. I had no intent on shopping there since I thought everything was so over priced. Especially the candles. I won`t say I was never intrigued by the posts here, but I thought $20 for a candle was steep!

Anyhow, my friend whom I was staying with had a lotion that she was wearing. I caught a wiff and asked what it was. She was wearing the Aromatherapy Stress Relief. She let me try it and wanted some for myself. Of course its hard to ignore everything else in the store.

They were having their buy 5/$15 or 7/$20 hand sanitizers sale so I went there 1st. I don`t have of those in my home, minus regular hand soaps so I figured it would be a great deal. We chose 7. I took 4, my friend took 3. I picked Fresh Picked Peaches, Fresh Picked Pears, Mango Mai Tai, and Caribbean Escape. I wanted my bottles to be clothed so I picked up silver encasing that cover the bottle and make them look fancier. Those were $5.50 each.

We next moved on to the candles. I wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. Now I know. The scents were intoxicating. But again, the $20 price tag had me hesitant. A rep came by and said she would give it to us for 2/$20. Yes please! I chose Coconut Leaves and Market Peach. Much like my antibacterial soap they too needed clothing. I picked 2 encasings that matched the ones for the soap. Those cost $5. I was armed and headed towards the register. I paid and left.

I died of laughter thinking I went there for one thing in particular and left with nothing like it. While walking aroung the mall my friend kept thinking she should go back for more candles since it was such a great deal. Back we went. The same sales lady that gave us the deal said we could have 3/$20. I told her I loved her. I`m emotionally slutty. I just could`nt help it. The sweet deals had me!

I asked her what she thought were good scents. She led me to Tiki Woods, and Passion Flower. the key though she said was to burn them together. It would create and even more amazing scent. I was got! Then I saw they had the aromatherapy candles and I picked the stress relief one which is Eucalyptis Spearmint.

I was ready to pay when I spotted the arotherapy sets to my right. My friend kept asking if I was sure I wanted to leave them behind. I said they were expensive. The cashier then said she would let me get 2 and get one free! Oh how they hook me! I picked 1 in the stress relief lotion matching the candle. I then picked the sleep lotion and body wash in Lavender Vanilla. Each was $14.

I left with a whole buch of stuff! I`m pretty excited to use them but will just have to wait until April. I`m moving to Texas in 3 weeks and figure I will just use it for my next place.

What are your favorite items from B&BW? Have you tried any of these? Which are your favorite scents?

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