1st LUUUX Prize Ever ! LV PM Tivoli Bag

5 years ago

After nearly a year and half of being active on LUUUX I finally ordered my first prize! I almost thought I wouldn`t be able to showcase this baby because of the UPS Customs charge situation but finally here I am showing you my new prized possession. . . my new Louis Vuitton PM Tivoli.

After months and months of lusting over this beautiful bag I was beginning to think that it would never be mine. But one thing I`ve learned is that if you really want something you should keep trying and never give up. I was starting to think that maybe I should just settle for the iPad but I decided to keep going for the LV bag.

I own some Coach and MK bags but never have I owned an actual high end designer bag. If it wasn`t for LUUUX I think I would just kiss my dream of ever owning one goodbye. I am not someone who would feel comfortable dropping over $1,000 on a purse. So I am very happy that Luuux exists and helps us make our dreams come true. Thanks LUUUX!

This bag is absolutely beautiful and completely different to anything I own. The size of the bag is just right, not too big nor not too small. I don`t usually carry too much stuff with me so the size of this bag is absolutely perfect. I also love how detailed it is. Needless to say I am in love! This is the best pre Valentines day gift ever.

My experience with LUUUX shop:

Order Created 1/13/12
Order processed 1/26/12
Order completed 1/30/12
Order received 2/15/12 (but I didn`t pick it up at the UPS office until today)

The entire process took a little over a month but it was worth the wait.

There was a slight drawback and huge factor in me almost not being able to take this baby home. There was a customs charge of $196 since it is a luxury item and it was shipped all the way to California via express UPS from Spain. I thought $196 was way too much for me to drop all at once on a bag but after speaking to my sister who is a huge LV fan, she convinced me that I couldn`t pass this opportunity up. My husband agreed.....so I listened to them both and got the bag. :) and I couldn`t be happier and I couldn`t have done it with all of your help. Thank you guys!!

p.s sorry for the bad lighting. It`s a gloomy rainy day today...

Do any of you have these beauty on your wishlist?

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